Logic Diagram Of Ic 7447

Logic Diagram Of Ic 7447 - according to the 7447 datasheet the 7446a and 7447a ics feature active low outputs designed for driving mon anode leds or incandescent indicators directly all of the circuits have full ripple blanking input output controls and a l test input segment identification and resultant displays are shown on a following page 7447 pin configuration abstract ic cd 7447 pin configuration ic 7447 logic ic ttl 7447 ic 7447 pin connection diagram ttl ic 7448 7447 3 to 8 decoder ic 7447 ic diagram ic 7447 16 pin connection diagram 7 segment mon anode decoder 74ls47 text 3 6 tl 1 t function c gt m 0 0 s w go w ro o o gt 0 4019b d ev ic e no o c a c w d e v ic e no 7447 logic diagram datasheet cross reference circuit and application notes in pdf format the 7447 has open collector outputs a g which can sink up to 40ma the 7 segment display segments must be connected between vs and the outputs with a resistor.
in series 330 ohm with a 5v supply the 7 segment display segments must be connected between vs and the outputs with a resistor in series 330 ohm with a 5v supply the 7447 pinout is here simply wire the respective letters a g together through the 220r resistors pin 3 should go to 5 through a 1k resistor pin 5 should go to gnd note that this is an ancient display and an ancient ttl chip both are museum old and because it s ttl open inputs will read as using the 74xx47 bcd to seven segment display the 74xx47 chip is used to drive 7 segment display you must use the 74xx47 with a mon anode 7 segment display e g kingbright part number sa03 the input to the 74xx47 is a binary number dcba where d is 8s c is 4s b is 2s and a is 1s the inputs dcba often e from a binary counter the following is a list of 7400 series digital logic integrated circuits the original 7400 series integrated circuits.
were made by texas instruments with the prefix sn to create the name sn74xx due to the popularity of these parts other manufacturers have released pin to pin patible devices which kept the 7400 sequence number as an aid to identification of patible parts
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